42-RedMolotovDouglas Adams wrote on his cult Sci-Fi The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy that the Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything is … the number 42 :) So I got this cool T-shirt from one local online shop RedMolotov.com. RedMolotov is an online apparel store that sell T-Shirt with slogan from the world of Politics and Religions, TV & Movies, Music and Philosophy, and of course the Geeky ones. Apart from T-Shirts (Men, Women and Kids), they also sell Hoodies, Bags, Wallet, Mobile Phone Covers and Canvas Print. Sizes come from Small right up to 5XL! And they normally have a few colours available (for this 42 T-Shirt there are 15 colours to choose from!). As for the material, they are made of a heavyweight 200 g/m2 100% combed cotton, quite tough – not one of those flimsy one. For all of these you don’t need to pay too much, for my 42 T-Shirt it costs just £14.99.
Finally, RedMolotov is having a sale right now and you can get hundreds of these cool T-Shirts with 70% off! I think it’s a pretty good bargain to have.




Disclaimer: RedMolotov bought me the T-Shirt in exchange for this review.

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