When you have an extra room in your house calling out to be transformed, it’s hard to resist the temptation to turn it into a man cave. Newegg’s recent survey found that 54 percent of men had some sort of man cave in their home, with the must-have item being a flat screen television. When you’re setting up your man cave, take it high tech with a selection of must-have, geeky additions to the space.

Smart 4K Television

Photo by samsungtomorrow via Flickr

The latest innovation in the television world is 4K, which continues to make you wonder whether you’re looking out a window or at your television. Quality comes at an early adopter price, however, with a 65-inch Sony model coming in at $4,449. For the price, you’re getting a 4K smart television with 3D capabilities; built in Wi-Fi with apps for Netflix, Pandora, and other streaming services; and connection with your Android smartphone. It’s hard to get much geekier than this. Set up blackout shades so you aren’t contending with sun glare while you’re trying to watch the game.

Gaming Computer

Photo by Tarik.viki via Wikimedia Commons

The video game console war is starting to hit its stride, but if you’re looking for flexibility and a budget-friendly option, you can build your own gaming computer. A mid-range rig runs approximately $600 to $700, putting it only a few hundred dollars above the most expensive of the eighth generation gaming consoles, the Xbox One. In addition to having access to a huge gaming library and typical computer functions, the gaming computer also acts as another media box for your man cave.

Arcade Machine

Photo by Lost Tulsa via Flickr

If you don’t care about the latest and greatest graphics in the gaming world, going old school may be a better option. You have a wide range of options with arcade machines, from basic cabinets you make yourself and load with a MAME emulator, to rare and collectible machines that fetch tens of thousands of dollars.

Nerdiest Coffee Table in the World

Photo by Wickerfurniture via Flickr

Geeky furniture selections are hard to find, but it’s hard to get improve upon a fully functional Nintendo controller coffee table. It’s going to make Super Mario Brothers more challenging than normal, but it’s well worth the $3,500 price tag to see everyone’s face when you reveal you can play games with it.

Gaming Chair

Photo by sister beer via Flickr

When it’s time to hop online to show the gaming Internet who’s boss, having the appropriate chair helps. The Ultimate Game Chair might not have the catchiest name, but it does have 3D stereo headrest speakers, Surround Sound capabilities, vibration motors for the games, and a fully reclining range of movement.

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    December 26, 2013 at 11:06 am

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    Cool! These are perfect for a teenage boy's room. I also want my room to be this "techy". Thanks a lot for sharing this!

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  8. Minix
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    If you can make the TV a curved LED TV as well, that will really make it "Man-cave" worthy. Plus you'll want some sort of streaming box to hook up to it.

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