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No true Star Wars fan can claim his title without having to play SWTOR. As much as the geek community deems it a failure, some of the believers think that EA and Bioware have a chance at turning things around. While everyone is still worried that the animated mouse will somehow elbow its way into cut scenes and we’ll see hidden Mickey’s on some of the backdrop, some players are worried that EA’s license would not be renewed since Disney has their own gaming company. Since this MMORPG is one of the few games that have a French version, many of the French gamers are very interested on how Disney might act to leave the game as it is or take over completely.
While most MMO fanatics keep comparing it to a seasoned title like WOW, I prefer to judge it base on nothing else but how the game is played. During my long hours of wait downloading months of game patches, I spent a great deal of time in the poker tables. Online gaming portals like are popular in France and the rest of Europe. Since most gamers abhor the idea of actually going out when you can do something online, poker eventually transitioned from Casinos to online gaming sites. Apart from being a great game in itself, poker can be the perfect supplement to keep you from getting too frustrated. You can also play on the go by downloading their Android app on your smartphone, perfect during rest periods and when you feel like taking someone’s money without using the force. So poker saves me from a lot of in-game frustrations inherent to SWTOR.


Some of these frustrated things include:

1. Equipment based character statistics. Why can’t we assign attributes ourselves once we level up? I’ve always wanted to make a Jedi warrior who’s good at deflecting incoming blaster or a Sith Assassin whose critical rate is way off the charts. These minor customizations level out the playing field in terms of equipment and good stats allocation. As a plus factor, it makes the character unique in more ways than one.

2. Companion affection. I’m a Sith Lord, the way I respond will always involve spilling blood and making enemies of the Empire pay. It’s not fair that I lose companion affection because of job hazards.

3. Response selection is sometimes misleading. I’m trying to get my dark affinity raised and you choose a response that you think is mischievous and self serving but turns out to be the kindest one. WTF just happened?

4. The gaming experience requires a lot of tweaking up until now and I think that the game is always a work in progress. I just hope that Disney stays out of the development and story line.


 This article is a guest post by anonymous!

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