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Sometimes Google is trying to be clever but at the end it ends up more confusing and ineffecient for the users. Take for example the new Compose window, hands up who tried it and changed back to the old one? Me!

But one of these things that managed to make me go around the net to find the answer and almost teared my hair out of frustration is the Contact Page in the new Gmail (not the HTML version)!
I mean, where ‘the hell’ can I find the link? Have a look at your Gmail and try to see if it is obvious for you where it is!
For me, the most obvious place would be, first at the sidebar on the left, well I tried to ‘turn every stone’ there but couldn’t find the link. Next obvious place, IMHO would be the dropdown menu, along side settings etc. You guess right, it wasn’t there.
Then I tried to ‘ask’ Google itself, it came out with some results, but they were not the results I needed.
At the end, after going around in circle, I finally found the answer!
You can find the Contact Page in the dropdown menu from the ‘Mail Logo’ – under the Google Logo on the top-left corner … Pretty Obvious you must agree … NOT!
So here it is where you can find the Gmail Contact Page! I am writing this here so that you don’t have to tear you hair like I did. Enjoy!

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  1. guest
    May 1, 2015 at 5:10 pm

    Thanks for trying… it doesn't work on mozilla >:/

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