Orange Broadband DongleRecently I had an opportunity to get a free mobile broadband dongle from Orange as part of their so called Premier Service.  Eagerly I phoned them and ordered the dongle, which arrived on my doorstep a few days ago.  Immediately I opened the box and stuck the dongle into one of my MacBook Pro free USB port.  The dongle evidently had already contained the Orange Connection Software, because it showed me the installation package called Internet Everywhere.  I then installed the package and run it, I waited and waited and waited …. nothing happened, the light on the dongles was blinking but the app looked like it’s not connecting ‘Anywhere‘.  No Joy for me.

So I plugged, reluctantly, the dongle into my Desktop PC (yes I also have a PC).  After a couple of minutes of installing the software and a reboot, needless to say, I was ‘sailing‘. But, this was not what I wanted to do with the dongle.  The idea of a ‘mobile‘ broadband is that is, well, mobile!  What’s the point to have it on my desktop?!

Time to call the cavalry, AKA the support guys.  Though I was a bit skeptical, knowing how support people is like, especially with Mac, but I was willing the gave them a chance.

Guess what? After 20 minutes with one of support guys, it was evident that he didn’t have a frekin clue how to resolve this problem.  It’s good that it was a free support number, otherwise I would had not only wasted my time but also my money.  You hear that Orange!

So, finally I did what I should had done on the first place, I Googled it!

And rightly so, Google didn’t disappoint me.  A few clicks later, I found exactly what I was looking for … a link to the correct place to download an updated version of that Internet Everywhere application that ‘works‘! Result!  I’m happy again.  Maybe I should call back to the Orange Support and tell them how to do it.

So here is the link to the latest Orange Mobile Broadband Connection Manager Software.

It looks like this:

Orange Connection Manager

Just get the appropriate version suitable for your OS.

Bytheway, if you are interested on how fast this dongle is, I did a speedtest and here was the result:


I’m not sure about the Download but I was quite surprise with the Upload.  But there you go.

click here

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