Spotify.comI’ve been waiting for this since I’ve heard the news recently about Spotify building a web-based player to compliment its existing Desktop and Mobile applications. The reason being that for a few months now I haven’t been able to listen to my Spotify using the Desktop application when I’m at work.  Obviously the work’s network is behind a firewall, but in the past I could still manage to provide the firewall credentials and off I went listening to my favourite playlist all day long.  But recently, this trick hasn’t been working and I suspect that the IT department has put a block on the port that Spotify is using, this is just my guess of course.  So, I was hoping that using this web-based player I could by-pass the Proxy server.

Yesterday I’ve finally got the email from Spotify that the beta version of the Web Player is ready for use.  I immediately went to the indicated url: and login with my credentials.

The look and feel of the user interface is more or less the same as the desktop counterpart.  I can see all my playlist and songs there.  Clicking on an individual song will start the streaming.  The audio quality is pretty good, probably similar to DAB Radio quality.  I enjoy it.

Spotify Web Player Front Page

The only things missing are the social networking part, I can’t see what my Facebook friends are listening to, not that I miss it.  And the third party apps which I normally have on the desktop.

Now, what about that firewall?  Sadly it’s not a good news for me :(  Even when using the Web Player I still can’t get connected!  Needless to say, I am very disappointed right now.  I guess I just have to go back to listen to my playlist via my iPhone in this case.

Spotify Web Player Playlist

But nevertheless, this is quite a cool thing, because it means you don’t have to install any app first before you can listen to your music, just go the site, login and voila.  Think about scenarios when you are at an Internet Cafe, or when you have to use somebody else’s computer.  It’s widening the choice of how to access and listen to your music, which is always welcome.


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  1. Roert
    December 6, 2013 at 11:24 am

    Thanks for sharing above information….Your Spotify Via Web Browser i can listen easily….

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